Guidelines for re-publishers (scraped from the wiki)

Keen readers may have noticed that we recently moved the WriteToReply wiki over from third-party hosting. One of the reasons for this is that content on the wiki can now be scraped and embedded ((In case you’re wondering, we use the WordPress wiki-inc plugin.)) into WriteToReply, benefitting from the additional functionality of a blog, such as commenting (which is what we’re all about, write? err, right?). Also, you no longer have to login to contribute to the wiki, making it even easier for people to get involved.

Over on the wiki, we’ve written some guidelines, based on our recent experience, for people thinking about re-publishing a document on WriteToReply: Guide to Re-publishing.

As the wiki page is updated (and it will be), so this post will reflect the latest version of that guide. (If you can’t see the transcluded content, which may be the case in a feed reader, you’ll need to click-thru. Here’s the link again: WriteToReply: Guide_to_re-publishing.)

In fact, any wiki content for wider consumption will now be pulled into and syndicated via the blog. If you do make changes to this post via the wiki, be patient; it might take up to an hour for your updates to feed through to the blog.

There are other uses we can think of for this joined up working (such as preparing and re-publishing a document) but we’ll leave that for another post 😉


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