An Example Netvibes Dashboard for the Digital Britain Interim Report on WriteToReply

One of the powerful features of the WordPress platform we’re using to host WriteToReply is the RSS feed publishing engine that produces all manner of RSS feeds out-of-the-box.

Feeds are a Good Thing, because they let you syndicate content and view it elsewhere. So called “web desktops” are one way in which you can construct your own dashboards containing widgets that can display content from different RSS feed sources and help you keep an eye on activity surrounding on any particular part of the report.

(For a mini-tutorial on how to use services like Netvibes, see the Click On: Web 2.0 Workshop on

So for example, here’s a Netvibes tab that show’s how to view the original content from one of the sections of the Digital Britain Interim Report, along with the comments made on that section. The tab also tracks media references to Digital Britain via Google News, blog post references using Google blogsearch, and up to the minute references on Twitter – WriteToReply dashboard demo (Netvibes): Digital Britain – The Interim Report, section 5:

Writetoreply Dashboard -

Click on one of the section tabs in the far left hand column, and you can read the text from that subsection of the report:

Here’s an example of the RSS feed to pull in this subsection content:

If you click on one of the comment links (middle columns) you can view the comments made by each individual on the relevant subsection:

Here’s and example of the feed URL you need to view comments by subsection:

The blogsearch pulls in the first few words from the start of relevant blog posts:

Digital Britain blogsearch

Here’s the feed:

Searching for Twitter responses to the report allows us to track some of the real time discussion going on around the report:

Twitter responses to Digital Britain

Here’s the feed:

Obtaining RSS feeds from Google News search, Google blog search and Twitter search is easy – the search pages all contain RSS feeds for the current search.

At the moment, feeds aren’t necessarily exposed on the page for each different WriteToReply view (although we are working on it). However, the RSS feed URL patterns described above should help you work out how to create an RSS feed URL from most of the pages that appear on WriteToReply.

If you do create you own public WriteToReply dashboard(s), please post a link to them in a comment to this post.

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